, Francesco e Vincenzo Pignatelli di Strongoli

Ferdinando Pignatelli , III Prince of Strongoli , Duke of Tolve , Count of Melissa
( born in Naples 1769- died beheaded in Naples in 1799 )

He had a great passion for the French Revolution Ideals and fervent follower of the Enlightenment.
He participated to the Jacobin Conspiracy of 1794 in Naples , he escaped and went in Tuscany to join the local Jacobin followers.He entered in Naples in 1799 as Captain of the Dragons with the General Championnet , he joins the Provisional Revolutionary Government and took active part in the repression of the counterrevolution .
He was then imprisoned by the Bourbons Loyalist and beheaded in Castelnuovo the 30th of September 1799.

Francesco Pignatelli Principe di Strongoli (born in Naples in 1775 , died in 1853 )

Military General and prominent Neapolitan Historian , he joined the Austrian Army with Lobkowitz , later he joined Championnet in the French-Neapolitan Campaign .After the Neapolitan Revolution in 1799 , where his brothers Ferdinando and Mario were sentenced to death , he was exiled in France.
He moved later to the Kingdom of Naples ,when Bonaparte and Murat were Kings of Naples. He participated in the Spain , Germany and Austria military Campaign.
In 1821 after the Bourbon restoration , he spent most of his time writing his memories , a relevant essay was " Le Memorie del Regno di Napoli dal 1790 al 1815 ".
In 1848 , he actively participated at the Liberal movements and once again he spoke loudly in favour and in defence of the liberal Institution and freedom , ideals and dreams of his entire life.

Vincenzo Pignatelli di Strongoli , Baron
( born in Naples in 1777 , died in Naples in 1837)

In 1799 with the Neapolitan Republic he joined Championnet in Caserta , upon the Bourbon return he escaped in Marseilles , during this period until 1801 he participated in several conspiracies against the Bourbons.
He then joined in Boulogne the Great Napoleon Army and in 1804 arrived in Naples where Joseph Bonaparte appointed Colonel , he took part of the besiege of Gaeta , later he went in Lucania ( 1806 ) to strike the bandit-infested area of the Bourbons loyalist.
He took part in the Sicily and Spain Campaign in 1811 and 1812.
Appointed by Joachim Murat King of Naples , Aide-de-Camp and Baron , he participated to the Russian Campaign and entered in Moscow in 1812 as Lieutenant General.
During the Russian Retreat he was seriously ill and obliged to retire;in 1821 he participated to the uprising against the Restoration, but only with King Ferdinand II of Bourbon-Naples he was reintegrated , after a period of exile.
The last years of his life , he wrote military essays.
He died in Naples in 1837.